What is Digital Marketing?

In short, any kind of marketing that happens online or where you use an electronic device.

Businesses will use digital channels like Search Engines, Social media, Email, and their own and other websites to market their service or products to clients and potential clients.

How do I market my business online? Small to medium-sized businesses in South Africa are constantly thinking about one thing:  

How can I reach more people to tell them about my product or service?

Not so long ago you would:

  • Run a newspaper ad (or magazine ad focusing on your line of business).
  • You would subscribe yourself in the Yellow pages for a year (and once a year they would drop a big fat yellow book at your house).
  • You could print some flyers and get them distributed. 

But, things have changed, a lot. I (and many people like me) don’t buy newspapers or magazines anymore, we read and watch most of our stuff online. 

People spend more time on social media sites nowadays than reading printed media. 

Look at these statistics, I am sure this alone should convince you that you should look for your customers on the internet:

  • South Africans will spend R61 billion at online stores in 2020.
  • E-commerce sales in SA grow 20-35% annually. Why must I have an E-Commerce Website
  • The average South African spends 8 hours and 25 min a day online.
  • South Africans spend the 6th longest time in the world online.
  • In 2019 more than 31 million people in SA use the internet.

The first iPhone was launched in June 2007, and the iPad in April 2010, Since then numerous other kinds of smartphones and tablets has been launched, changing the way how consumers read and find information. Also, with this, changing the way how YOU should reach YOUR customers. Smartphones and tablets this year will draw more money from advertisers than the centuries-old newspaper industry or the nearly century-old radio sector.

The bottom line is. Consumers don’t care about the traditional form of marketing that much anymore. How often do you look through a magazine’s or newspaper’s advertisements or watch TV ads? 

To decide how to market your business is actually easy, you must go where the trend is going, go where your customers are. And as you have read here already, most of them are on the internet.

These are some of the top online marketing strategies you can use to market your business

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