For only R1 950

Have a look at our online wedding invitations, also known as E-Invites. Be different, instead of spending a lot of money on printing wedding invites, why don’t you rather let Crafford Productions design you a personalized wedding invitation that you can email to your guests.

It’s basically a little mini website with your wedding colours, choice of wording and photos. They can even email you back from a contact form on the E-Invite to tell you if they’re coming or not. The directions and map to your venue will also be on there. In most cases, this will cost you cheaper (and MUCH fewer hassles) than printing and posting paper invites plus you go green by saving trees! This is the new trend, you don’t send Christmas Cards and Birthday Cards anymore. Why send printed wedding invitations?

Having your own uniquely designed online wedding invitation will set you apart from just having a printed wedding invitation. Whether you need a online invite, online RSVP,  Gallery, a wedding countdown or any other thing you can think of, give us a try.

Your invitation can include pages like:

–   Landing Page
–   Wedding Invitation Page
–   RSVP Contact Form
–   Map and Directions Page
–   Accommodation Page
–   Bridal Party Page


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