Food Photography in Pretoria and Gauteng

Do yourself a favour.  Walk through any grocery store. Have a look at how beautifully designed the product labels are. The beautiful big photos at fast food outlets, butcheries and greengrocers. Page through a good restaurants menu and have a look at the beautiful photos of food in there. Mouthwatering.

You might be one of the best chefs around or might employ one of the best chefs. But people must first order the food before they can taste that delicious new dish that you prepared or cake you have baked. A good food photograph should tempt the reader to want to order or recreate the meal. 

That is where good professional food photographers like us comes in. We can take a photo for you in such a way that people would WANT to order that new dish of yours. And we all know that if a customer is satisfied he will come back again and again. But it all starts with that special photo to convince someone to order your dish, cakes, dessert, pies, pastries or fast food.

Our food photography ranges from menus, cookbooks, editorial use and packaging. Food photography is fine art perfected with much practice. A good food photographer can express this accurately. Doing food photography on location can give the food a sense of place but shooting in studio gives you an opportunity to play with different props and eliminate any distractions for the photographer. Whether in studio or on location, we will customize your food shoot according to your needs.

We at Crafford Productions would love to collaborate with you and help you with your food photography. 

Our in-house graphic designer can help you with the layout of your menu, packaging or brochures.


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