You started a business in the tourism industry, which arguably will be one of the biggest growth industries in Africa in years to come. Some 67 million tourists visited Africa in 2018, representing a rise of 7% from a year earlier, making Africa the second-fastest-growing region when it comes to tourism, after Asia Pacific.

However, a lot of businesses in this industry in Southern Africa will be MUCH more successful if their website and online marketing can reflect the true beauty and uniqueness of what they have to offer.

You created this beautiful and unique place or service, but not enough people know about you. And where you are situated there are not exactly lots of people around that can help you to market your business better. 

There are many lodges, camping sites, guesthouses and farms, B&B’s, and other types of businesses in the most remote areas of South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. And they all compete against each other for the same market. The customers from the big cities and overseas. 

We understand that, and we are in the ideal position to travel all over Southern Africa to help you market your businesses better through the unique services we offer as a Creative, Digital, Marketing agency. 

We want to offer you our unique skills to help promote your business.

We are a husband and wife team, Surika and JC.


You know how much competition there is in your field, but we can make you look different and better than your competition.

We love traveling, and we would love to photograph and produce a marketing video for your businesses in the tourism industry. The more remote the better. 

We have a 4×4 vehicle and an off-road caravan that allows us to live and work in the most remote places in Southern Africa. Our off-road caravan is kitted out with 400W of Solar panels, 210 Amp Deep Cycle batteries, and a state of the art inverter. This allows us to charge our camera batteries, run our computers and live in the remotest areas for a long time. Often you have to film and photograph during the day and go through or edit photographed or filmed footage at night. 

If we film and photograph a lodge or camping site we need to be at the best spots before sunset and sunrise to get awesome footage, and then our kind of setup is ideal. 

Are you one of these businesses that want to stand out in an already VERY competitive environment? Please get in touch with us at this email address or contact number. Don’t think you are too big or too small, we would love to chat with you. 

JC Crafford

Tel: 082 891 0936


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