Crafford Productions is a professional Video Productions company based in Pretoria East in Gauteng South Africa. But we are more than just a video productions company. We’re filmmakers and visual storytellers that specialise in corporate videos, marketing videos, training videos, health and safety video and non-profit videos. Extra services we offer are video editing and post production.

We can also assist in industrial, mining and company launch videos. Ensuring that your video production meets your every expectation, is our main goal.

Our team consist of experienced and passionate creatives, filmmakers and post-production professionals. We’re easy and fun to work with and we absolutely love what we do. Some of our clients include OUTsurance, Woolworths and The Australian Awards.


One of the most asked questions by business owners are: “What is the best way to advertise my services or products for my business?” 
All of us want the edge over our competitors? Right?
Well, then the answer will most probably be in this article you are about to read.
The answer is VIDEO MARKETING. You will use online videos on YouTube and your website to market your business.
And yet. A lot of businesses have not implemented video marketing into their marketing strategy. So by implementing this, you will get an immediate edge over your competitors.
You can stop reading and contact us now to discuss how this will benefit your business. But there is some interesting stuff to still read here.
YouTube is a platform where people upload their videos. It’s also the second most popular website in the world after Google.

Have a look at some of these interesting YouTube Statistics from Brandwatch  and

  • More than 2 billion active users visit YouTube each month.
  • More than 30 million people visit YouTube EVERY DAY!
  • In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year olds watch You Tube.
  • More than 50% of YouTube’s user base visits the platform at least once a day.
  • Each user visits on average 6.7 pages on the platform every day.
  •  In 2019 alone, YouTube witnessed a 39% increase in users accessing the video platform on TV screens.
  • If the current trend continues, by 2025, over 50% of the young population (under 32 years) will unsubscribe from their pay-TV services.
  • On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any broadcast or cable TV network.
  • YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine and second most visited site after Google.
  • We watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos a day, more than Netflix and Facebook video combined.
  • 500 Hours of video uploads to YouTube every minute.
  • YouTube is in over 100 countries and across 80 languages.
  • 70% of YouTube views come from mobile devices.
  • The average mobile viewing session lasts more than 40 minutes.
  • 80% of all marketers believe that YouTube is the most effective video marketing platform.
  • Businesses are gradually shifting video marketing from TV to YouTube because 6 out of 10 people prefer online video content to the TV.
  • Research also shows that advertisements on YouTube are 84% more likely to engage viewers than television ads.
  • More than 66% of consumers agree that watching product videos inspires them to become buyers.
  • More than 74% of GenZ (between 8-15 years old) use the video platform.
Why do you think YouTube has these unbelievable stats? Yes, you are right. People love to watch videos. People PREFER watching videos over reading a blog or listening to a podcast. In fact, consumers are 3 times more likely to watch YouTube videos than reading text instructions. 
Consumers say they retain 95% of the information gathered from videos.
The third most popular website in the world is Facebook.
Nicola Mendelsohn is Facebook’s VP for Middle East, Europe and Africa. She was recently asked where Facebook will be in 5 years. She said the social network would “definitely” be mobile, and would “probably” be “all video.” (Mark Zuckerberg predicted this in 2016 already!)

Look at some of these Facebook Video Stats by 99 Firms

  • More than 4 billion video views take place on Facebook every day.
  • Facebook captured 24.5% of all video ad spending in the US in 2018.
  • 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day.
  • People gaze 5X longer at video than at static posts on Facebook.
If you don’t make Video Marketing an integral part of your business’s marketing, you will lose out.
Facebook’s Engineering Director, Srinivas Narayanan famously said: “If a picture is worth a thousand words a Video is worth a library”
Eyeview Digital said that you can increase your conversions by between 30%- 80% if you have Video on your landing pages.

Look at this graphics by

Look at this stats from Google regarding Video Marketing

  • 55% of shoppers say they use online Video while actually shopping in-store
  • More than half of shoppers say that online videos have helped them decide which brand or product to buy.
That is why 87% of marketers nowadays use Video content to engage their audience on the internet.
Your audience will remember 95% of the information you gave them on a video as compared to 10% if they had to only read it!
Are you convinced of the Video marketing idea by now?
One last question. Why are people hesitant to use companies like us to produce marketing videos for them?

We have discovered what most people think

  • I can’t afford to have a marketing video made by an experienced video production company.
  • I don’t look good on a Video or
  • My product/service is not something that can really benefit from this.
Well, if you can identify with any of these three objections let me tell you that you are wrong.
Just take the time to email us. We will then set up a FREE Video Call where we can chat about Video Marketing for YOUR business. Don’t be the last guy in your industry to jump on the bandwagon. Be the first. It is much cheaper and easier than you think.


My name is JC Crafford. I am the Marketing Director of Crafford Productions.
Contact Number: 082 891 0936

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