Liquor product photography is always challenging. Mr. Boikanyo Mothibatsela contacted me to take the product and pack shot photos for his new craft gin. This photos will be used for marketing the product. He had some specific ideas as to who his target market is and I had to plan my photo shoot around that. The name of his new craft gin is Tragelaphus. That means Kudu in Latin. His gin is also aged in thorn wood. I borrowed a kudu skin from a taxidermist and decided that I will photograph the bottle on the kudu skin. For the background, I used some hardekool wood that was in my father in law’s garden to give the image a further African feel. I decided to use a lot of shadows in the main photo to give it a more expensive look.  The liquor in the glass and bottle was lit from behind to emphasize the beautiful rich colours of the gin. 

This was one of those jobs that make my life as a commercial photographer so worthwhile. We have also registered the domain name for him and will start with the designing of his website soon.