A Guitar photo shoot we did in our studio for a client.

Alistair Thompson manufactures guitars. He will painstakingly perfect every little detail over a period of months. Until you get this beautiful end result. Superb craftsmanship with beautiful inlays into the wood.

It is then so rewarding for us to be involved in a product shoot like this where we can help a customer market his product through our photos.

Our photo studio enables us to photograph any kind of products you can think of. Just like this beautiful guitar photo shoot.

We also photograph heashots for companies and social media profiles, models, families, children and babies.

If you have products that you would like professionally photographed, please give us a call so that we discuss your ideas. Everything is moving to an online e-commerce platform, which makes it even more important to showcase your products in a professional manner.

You can read more about our product photography here.

You can also view our studio photography website by clicking here.