Promotional video services for any type of business.

The definition of a promo video is a video or short film that promotes or advertises something.

Promotional videos are designed to promote your business and it’s products or services. It is essential that they portray your business in a positive light and make people want to buy from your business. It should be straight to the point. These videos should typically last no longer than 5 minutes at most. This will ensure that as many people as possible will watch and enjoy the video.

Landbou Risikodienste in partnership with King Price, Agri-Seker, Transafrica Life and Primak Insurance Brokers, offers an all inclusive insurance policy exclusively for South African Farmers. They contacted us to film a short promotional video showcasing the different aspects of their business. We also designed a one page website for them. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THEIR WEBSITE.

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