We had a call from Fraser Woods. They wanted me to photograph some furniture. Jaco and his mom Ansie has started a new business. They search for exotic rare wood like “hardekool” and buy the trees. They then start the painstaking job of cutting the trees into pieces of wood to manufacture beautiful coffee tables. “Hardekool” wood is very heavy and very hard and very difficult to plane.

But the end result if you are persistent and meticulous is a beautiful piece of furniture that is a prized possession.

They have been manufacturing for a few months now and have built up some stock. Their next plan of action was to start the marketing process. They phoned me and asked me to photograph these coffee tables. This was a challenging job as they can’t transport all the coffee tables to my studio so I had to go and set up my studio in their factory.

Here are some of the photos we have taken. It is jobs like these that make my life as a commercial photographer very interesting.

Good luck with your venture Jaco and Ansie.