The Gasoline cover design was a fun graphic design project to work on

Lethu has released her second song named Gasoline. She needed a beautiful electronic design that she can use when selling her song online.
We’ve designed a cover for her first song, I Am, awhile ago. Lethu was happy with our previous graphic design work so she contacted us for her second cover as well.
She had a couple of ideas regarding the design of her cover. Firstly she wanted to combine a rose and flames so that the rose looks like it’s on fire. Secondly the fire had to be yellow and blue.
We made the Gasoline cover design in Photoshop, layering the flames over and behind the red rose. In the end Lethu was very happy with the end result.
We always go out of our way to keep our clients happy and give them an end product that they can be proud of.

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