It  was with utter shock and disbelieve that I got up at 05:00 this morning and started reading the news on my tablet.

Robin Williams is dead!

How is it possible that a man that gave so much joy to so many millions could take his own life?

I think everybody on earth loved him, enjoyed his movies and had respect for his immense talent, yet…

If only we could turn back the clock, if only we knew, somebody could have done something, maybe say something that would have made him feel different?

Which really made me think

We must live more for now, and less for tomorrow.

My younger brother died a few years ago at age 38, the one day we were still sitting together drinking beers, and exactly one week later I was standing at his open grave. We don’t know where we will be in a week from now.

We must make the best of today. With the people we have, the talents we have  and with what is available to us. Stop complaining, and be glad that you have what you have.

Never look at somebody else and idolise their life or business. Don’t think, if only I have what he or she have I will be happy. You don’t know where they are. Be the best you can be.

Start now by looking around you, who is the person sitting next to you, your family, your employees and colleagues at work, have you touched their lifes? Will you put everything into your work or business today?


Tomorrow might not come.

PS: Robin, thanks for all the good times and laughs and tears you brought into my life! You will not be forgotten.

JC Crafford