Block mounts are a beautiful, cost effective alternative to framing and an ideal way to make a print stand out. We create beautiful high quality prints on specialized papers at competitive prices. The print is adhered to a 1.5cm boarding which is finished off with a black strip along the edges.

When it comes to displaying photos, there are many interesting ways to showcase your favorite snapshots. The design options and layouts for block mounts are limitless which enables you to create the perfect memory wall for your home or office. You can print them in colour or in black and white. Print them as a set, collage or single image. It’s totally up to you.

If you need beautiful photos for printing purposes, please visit our STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE.

Some of our other services include CANVAS PRINTING and PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTS.

200 x 300 (A4) R91.00
254 x 305 R115.00
300 x 300 R205.00
300 x 400 (A3) R268.00
300 x 450 R295.00
300 x 600 R396.00
300 x 900 R590.00
400 x 400 R352.00
400 x 500 R437.00
400 x 600 (A2) R437.00
600 x 900 (A1) R1049.00
841 x 1189 (A0) R1918.00

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