Never give up
Have you heard about the @_hollyholm and @rondarousey fight on Sunday? If you haven’t, Google it.
Ronda was the UFC World champion, undisputedly the best woman fighter the world has ever seen. Seemingly impossible to defeat…like Mike Tyson. She even said she can beat @floydmayweather in a fight. And some experts believed she could.
And then Holly beat her on Sunday evening…badly.
A couple of thoughts on this:
  • A winner doesn’t become a loser by losing once or twice. Winners will always bounce back, even if they lose once or twice.
  • Never pay to much attention to what people say about you, positive or negative. People always need something to talk about. Just do your thing.
  • Always believe you can do it. Even if you haven’t made it yet, it doesn’t mean that you will never make it. Your life changing moment might just be around the corner.
  • Succes is not something that happen on a specific day. it is a culmination of very hard work up to that point. What you sow you shall reap.
  • You never know a man/woman until you see them lose. That’s when our real self comes out.
  • Be gracious in victory. You might have to swallow your words and actions when you lose one day…and everyone loses sometime.

JC Crafford