Dear Customers

We don’t have to tell you anything about what is going on in the world and in South Africa right now. News around the world is now being consumed like never before.

There are two things we would like to share with you.

Both are very important but the first one is something that the government implemented on 26 March that you HAVE to do on your website. 


1. Every SA website must now promote the government portal on Covid-19 on its front page 

This direction has been published in the Government Gazette of 26 March 2020. This Government Gazette can be downloaded here.

Here is an article that was written about it on Business Insider.

We realize that these are difficult times so we are prepared to do it at R 200-00 per website. A quarter of the money will be donated to the SOLIDARITY FUND to help people in need.


You can also send us a short paragraph that we can also include there if you want to add a personal message to your customers.


2. Please read this article we have written by clicking here

Businesses will no doubt go through an extremely difficult phase financially. But there is always something we can do. Always. Even in a situation like this.  

Look at this photo I took of our daughter Miya this morning. She is looking after the beans she has planted.  She has been planting a LOT of vegetable seeds for the past week. She is worried about us not having food and she is making a provision for us to have veggies during this period. And she is only 10.  LOL How cute is that? 



Back to YOUR business…

Reading this article might help you to  make some changes to your business NOW. Internet usage is up by 70% during these Corona Virus times. Make sure you are not left behind. 

Here are something interesting to read as well. 

South Africans are turning their offline businesses into online ones in the face of Covid-19 closures

How can the internet benefit YOUR business? Please email us if you are interested in talking to us about that. We will then arrange a time with you when we can have an online conversation (free and you are under no obligation to do anything) about your business and what can be done in your case. We can do this via Google hangouts, Skype or Whatsapp Video. 

Email us by clicking here:

Thanks for all your business throughout the years, we really appreciate it!

Stay SAFE… and Stay POSITIVE.

Surika and JC Crafford